Supplies & Accessories

July 4, 2016

Digital Measuring Wheel

  • Large display located near handle for easy viewing
  • Stores up to 8 different measurements in memory
  • Measures up to 999,999metres/km/feet/miles
  • Bright yellow ‘safety’ color with reflectors
  • Takes true ‘wall-to-wall ‘measurements
  • Shower proof, rugged casing


SJW30 Wooden Tripod

  • Heavy duty hardwood legs and aluminum die casting parts.
  • Wing nut clamp system.
  • Legs has one hole for easy hand carry.
  • Closed length: 109cm; opened length: 175.5cm
  • Weight: 7.5KG.



 Aluminum Tripod

 SJA50 Aluminum Tripod-1-c
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Three hexagonal screws on the tripod head to adjust the legs tension.
  • Closed length:1 01 cm,opened length:171cm.
  • Diameter of tripod head:160mm
  • Wing nut screw or quick release clamp for option.
  • Weight:4.5 kg.



  Pole Stand

  • Closed length: 78cm opened length:115cm
  • Ball type head and telescopic legs.
  • Strong Grip & Convenient handling
  • Shower proof, Rugged casing
  • Heavy duty metallic finish
  • Weight:1.5kg


Prism Poles

  • Compression locking system made by metal parts.
  • Extension up to 4.6m.
  • 5/8″ adapter and Leica adapter
  • ‘With carry bag.
  • Weight:1.8kg..




Ranging Rods


  • 20cm Red/White banded color plastic coated painting.
  • Telescopic precision steel tube with twist lock.
  • Available in 2m.3m.With Carry bag
  • Shower proof, Rugged casing
  • Heavy duty metallic finish




Prism Set

  • Type :Single Prism Package
  • Prism Offset:0 mm/-30mm
  • Prism Holder Color : Red
  • Soft Pouch Model: General Model


Mini Prism Set With Rods


  • The mini prism has a 0.0mm offset
  • It includes a circle prism,metal holder and a mini prism bag.
  • Mini suspended prism system includes a mini prism, a pothook, three poles(total 1.8m) and bag.



Survey Compass With Tripod


  • Magnifying Rate 12x
  • Differentiating Rate 11”
  • Minimum Vision Range 2mm
  • Dial Scale 1°
  • Size 140×105×190mm
  • Weight 0.7kg