Automatic levels

July 14, 2016

PENTAX AP-220 Series


• Very Short Focusing Distance: 0,3m
• Optimal for close range work
• Robust construction: Metal top cover
• Weather and Dust Resistance: IP55
• An easy-to-read horizontal circle
• Magnetic damped automatic compensator
for rapid and accurate results
• Light Weight: 1,25 kg




PENTAX AL-300 Series


  • For Use under the
    Harshest Conditions
    The instrument is waterproof:
    protection class IPX6.
    A gas-filled objective lens
    compartment prevents
    moisture condensation on
    the lenses.
  • Automatic Compensator
    This newly-developed
    automatic compensator
    is wire suspended and
    magnetically damped.
  • The Pentax Automatic
    Level AL is impressively
    equipped and applicable
    in surveying and